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Say goodbye to papillomas forever

Removio is an ultra-active gel against all types of papillomas and warts, effective from the 3rd day of use. Start the treatment immediately, order the gel on the official website for only {€45}. Three simple steps separate you from clear skin:

  1. Leave a request on our site, indicating your name and telephone number.
  2. Get a free consultation from our specialist.
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Leave papillomas and warts in the past

Removio because HPV is dangerous

Microtraumas, scratches, cracks and other superficial damage contribute to the spread of warts and papillomas. Removio is an ultra-active gel against all types of papillomas and warts, it has a significant penetrating effect, therefore it works effectively in several layers of the skin at the same time. The natural composition of the gel acts in a complex way, improving the general condition of the skin, which means:

With prolonged use of Removio, for at least 2-3 weeks, not only the visible nodules and papillae disappear, but also the cause of their appearance. Natural antibiotics - extracts of calendula flowers, St. John's wort, horse chestnut, which are part of the gel, gently affect the problem from the inside.

How Removio gel works

The combination of active ingredients starts working from the first application:

Proven efficacy of Removio

In 2016, the American Institute, which specializes in the study of infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, conducted a clinical study on the Removio gel. The trials involved 300 volunteers with visible HPV symptoms, who were divided into two groups:

The results of repeated tests conducted by the researchers a month later showed:

  1. In 87% of patients using Removio, there was a reduction in papillomas after 14 days of treatment, moreover, and the scientists were shocked - the level of the virus in the blood decreased to a minimum. More than 97% of subjects in this group reported no adverse reactions.
  2. In the second group, only 10% of participants had a 5% decrease in their HPV status, while 30% experienced an increase of 2-3 HPVs. The remaining 57% remained at the same level. No visible changes were found.

What is human papillomavirus

There are more than 120 types of viruses of this species, of which only half have been studied. In addition, 70% of humanity, mostly women, are infected, but only 30% of the infection manifests itself in the form of papillomas and warts.

Removio skin and papilloma

Why is this happening? The skin is a protective organ that contains all types of cells of the immune system. When the integrity of the skin barrier is disrupted, microorganisms enter the dermis. If the resistance of the local immunity is not comparable to the extent of the invasion, inflammation occurs and the microorganisms reach deeper layers of the skin.

Simply put: our skin also suffers from a lack of immunity, like the whole body! Warts and papillomas are clear signs of immunodeficiency. The human papillomavirus can be transmitted sexually, through the skin or mucous membranes. For genital warts, the chance of infection is almost 100%.

Why is the virus so dangerous

  1. It can cause cancer of the genital organs, including cervical cancer.
  2. Genital warts appear on the mucous membrane in the genital area, when damaged, they often bleed, opening the entrance to a bacterial infection.
  3. Genital rash. The most common sites of occurrence are the skin on the lips and the top of the penis.
  4. Bowen's disease. The skin of the penis is covered with convex, moist rashes with a velvety coating with red, sharp edges.
  5. A precancerous condition develops in the cervix in women infected with human papillomavirus types 16 and 18, which can develop into cancerous tissue.

Main advantages of the Removio gel

  1. Result confirmed. Recommended by dermatologists in Portugal for the treatment of warts and papillomas at home.
  2. Fighting the virus from within.
  3. Natural composition.
  4. There are no side effects. Unlike laser operations, after which age spots remain, and the use of celandine and nitrogen can lead to tissue necrosis, after which scars remain after treatment.
  5. The efficiency of Removio is 100%. The result is visible from the first use.
  6. Speed. Completely removes dry warts, papillomas or calluses in 1-2 procedures.
  7. Price. The product can be purchased for only {€45}, which is affordable for everyone.

Active ingredients Removio

Removio active components
  1. Calendula officinalis extract. It has the strongest antibacterial and antiviral action, and the therapeutic effect is achieved with the help of numerous flavonoid extracts, organic acids and vitamins. Suppresses human papillomavirus, relieves irritation, redness and itching. It also has regenerating and moisturizing properties.
  2. Mother's milk. It helps normalize blood circulation and lymph flow in the problem area, relieve inflammation and restore the damaged lipid barrier. It also has an antibacterial effect.
  3. Hypericum perforatum extract. When applied topically to the skin, it has strong antioxidant properties due to the high content of bioflavonoids. It has an anti-inflammatory, corrective, protective effect, helps minimize the formation of scars from papillomas.
  4. Betula Pendula leaf extract. Eliminates itching and irritation, fights papillomas, skin inflammation and eczema. Accelerates wound healing, soothes and moisturizes, relieves irritation.
  5. Chamomile flower extract. Contains an active ingredient with anti-inflammatory, therapeutic and anti-allergic effects. Restores damaged tissue, relieves irritation, protects skin from viruses.
  6. propolis extract. The most powerful natural antibiotic that kills the virus. Propolis contains flavonoids which have an anti-inflammatory effect. It has analgesic properties, heals wounds and restores cells affected by the papilloma virus.

All components of Removio are intended to fight against the virus and the dire consequences it causes. You can order the gel in Portugal for 39€ (what is the price in other countries) only on the manufacturer's official website. Start your treatment now. Get rid of warts and papillomas quickly, without pain and burns, once and for all!

Doctor's review

Doctor Dermatologist Rodrigo Nunes Rodrigo Nunes
22 years old
Papillomas are on the body of every third person. For many years, we may not even realize that the virus lives in us like a bomb. Left untreated, they can grow, bleed, and even turn into cancer. I work in Portugal, I recommend Removio to patients: an ultra-active gel against all types of papillomas and warts, this is a modern and reliable product. Also, it can be used without costly testing. It is also important that it is made only from natural ingredients, stimulates the body's immune activation, removes human papillomavirus and purifies the blood.